Monday, 5 September 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Can I eat you?
I have bears and dogs and cats all over the bungalow!  Even a rat (sorry Marmot) sitting on the kitchen table.  I can't stop calling him a rat.  Foggy keeps looking at him a bit sideways, probably wondering if he is edible.

Still handsome at 60+ years old

As well as Squeaky the Marmot, or Groundhog as I believe they are also callled, I've now listed 2 cats (2 more to come), a small rod jointed bear, a Zotty type bear and the most gorgeous big Sonneburg/Thuringia growling bear.  I am very tempted to keep him.  Isn't he a smasher?
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          bears, dogs and cats

I have listed him at £190 which I think is a good price for one of these type of bears in his condition.  I have seen them at considerably more.  There are 2 more bears this size, but not as lovely as this one. Here they are before their tidy up.

This one needs a new nose and her
loose legs sorting out 

I don't think this one is mohair and will
take a lot of brushing and cleaning
 The tipped one above is rod jointed (limbs move together) and her legs are really loose.  I have never seen rod jointed bears before so will have to work out how to tighten them.
The brown bear is very matted and grubby.  He's a big boy, the largest of the three, but looks as if he has been out in the wild playing with the Grizzlys!

Pass him a hankie someone
This is my latest purchase.  He needs a bit of help and a good 'bath'.  He has the 'drumstick' legs of a Chiltern, but no labels, so I will have to research him a bit more.  I'm trying to think of a name for him.  Sometimes they come straight away, but not this time.  Looking at this picture I am resisting the temptation to call him Bogey :)  Probably Dewey (short for Dewdrop).

I've also got to make some more small Pud Bears for the next craft fair in a week or two.
I am being kept really busy atm with the bears and I am very tempted to take the plunge and try to do it full time.  I only have 15 months to retirement and with how my back and legs are I don't think I will be able to go back to my day job just yet. Although I can get around still, my walking is not very good and I have resorted to using a stick if going any distance outside.
It depends how long my bosses will put up with me being off sick.

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  1. You are extremely good at this art - very clever and I so admire all your restoration work.