Friday, 23 November 2012

Vintage Glove Puppets

I have been finding a few glove puppets in my never ending search for old bears and toys (or hand puppets as they are sometimes called).
I only have one left in my Etsy shop at the moment.  He is a Mr Twisty Bun from Merrythought.
Mr & Mrs Twisty Puss and Mrs Twisty Bun 24"/61cm
and the full set in 11"/28cm
The Mr and Mrs Twisty toys were listed in their catalogue from 1965 to 1974.  They also made Mr and Mrs Twisty Puss toys (see picture from book).  They were dressed and had wire frames inside so that they could be twisted into different positions.
My Mr Twisty Bun puppet does not have a wire frame, but has the same character face as the toys.
I think he would have been made a bit later than the toys - late 1970's, possibly 1980's.  He has his Merrythought label stitched onto his back

Mr Twisty Bun Puppet
I have 3 more puppets to come.  Two of them will need a bit of work and at this moment I do not know who they are made by. This is the only picture I have of them.
In the meantime I will leave you with pictures of the puppets that have been sold.
Dean's Black Cat
Chad Valley Sooty

Chimp (unknown maker)
Steiff Rabbit
I will continue to try to find more of these little characters to put in my collection.
As well as the vintage bears I like to source unusual old toys that are usually bear related.
Christmas mini flocked bears

Mini flocked bears - playground
Recently I have found a batch of miniature flocked bears (1.5"/10cm) and I am currently going through some gorgeous teddy bear porcelain figures to prepare them for listing.  Also I have some wind up flocked bears to sort out.
That is as well as the couple of nightdress case dogs that need a clean (and one of them needs eyes), a very large tubby bear, a Chad Valley cartoon faced bear, a rabbit with red felt clothes, a small Merrythought bear with one eye, a Chiltern grey cat that smells really fusty, and a pretty, soft, unjointed bear, possibly a 1960's-70's Chad Valley.
That is in between knitting and sewing more cats, dogs and bears.
Oh dear, December is looming and I don't think I have time for Christmas!

Monday, 5 November 2012

More Gifts for Christmas - 49 days to go

Today I am going to show you items in my shop that are for pink lovers - everything that is pink.
Rosalie 6" £42.50 including postage
Rosebud 6" £42.50 including postage

Teddy Head Charm £11.50 including postage
Sweetie 4" £32.50 including postage

Christmas Tree Fairies £10.50 each including postage

Buy more than one and only pay one postage

Pair of Christmas stars £6 each including postage

Diddy Dog £12.50 including postage

Pretty hangers £6.50 including postage

Knitted Bears £12.50 including postage

Baby Blanket £23 including postage

Farnell Fur Baby Doll £22 including postage

Pedigree 20" bear Jessie £82 including postage

Bunny Pure Wool Pram Toy
£15.50 including postage
Set of Mice Ornaments
£10 including postage

I hope you enjoyed my pink selections - all of the items are available in my Etsy shop

I can't believe we are only 7 weeks away from the big day. 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Thingamebob is Revealed

I couldn't leave him until tomorrow, I just had to get him finished to see what he looked like.

                                                   Here he is, my very first Alley Cat

 As soon as I started making the head I couldn't put him down, and just had to get him finished.

I really hope he is popular as I want to make some more in different colours.  I am already planning a blue and lime green one and have thought about a girly pink one with little embroidered flowers on the tummy.  The combinations are endless.
I am hoping that they will go down well at the local craft fairs along with the Diddy Dogs.  I have until Spring to get enough of both made up to fill a table, along with the artist bears.
Diddy Dogs

The Alley Cats have googly eyes and fluffed up wool that makes them unsuitable for young children.
They are really made as display items/ shelf sitters, not as toys.

It's a Red and Yellow Thingamebob

This is my latest knitting creation.  I found a really old vintage pattern and decided to give it a go as I liked the look of the finished item.
I have never come across such a complex toy pattern.  Just look at the main part, it's got bits sticking out all over the place.  Whoever designed this was very clever.  How they came up with it is beyond me.

I finished all of the knitted parts this morning and started to stitch it together.  It didn't mention in the pattern that you needed a university degree to assemble it.
Half way through stitching

No - it's not an elephant
It is larger than I was expecting at 15"/38cm tall.  I will have to get more polyester stuffing if I am to make any more of these.
If I am pleased with the look of it I have a few more colour schemes in mind.

I will unveil the finished item tomorrow - watch this space!