Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dolls for a Dollshouse

I have a collection of dollshouse dolls for sale in my Etsy shop.  They vary in size from 2" to 5" so would be suitable for different sizes of dollshouses.

3" rubber girl doll with wooden cot

2.5" rubber baby doll in rocker crib

Little family of bendy dolls in wooden chairs

4" Chimney Sweep
4" French Doll

3.5" Girl doll

3" baby doll in wooden rocking horse
 The prices start from £7.50.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Lost Voice and Feeling Creative

I have had a bad week, with a bad bout of Flu and Laryngitis.  A week of not being able to talk is very frustrating.  I can now manage a very deep, monotone type of speech thanks to the web and the tricks I have picked up.
Apparently one of the worse things you can do with Laryngitis is whisper, as this puts a huge strain on your voice box!  The things you can learn on the www. lol
The trick is to take deep breaths and try to speak slowly in a deep voice whilst exhaling.  It does work, but takes quite a bit of concentrating and makes you sound like a robot.  It does not feel a strain either, as trying to force a whisper does.
Anyway, in between various pill popping I have been quite creative.
There is a full Summer season of Craft Fairs looming, and I need to come up with new ideas.  Every year I try my hand at something different, with varying degrees of success.
Pincushions, knitted bears, soft toys with new knitted outfits, and of course there are still a few little mohair bears on my stall.
So far I have completed 2 covered notebooks, a pretty quilted cushion, and 2 small decorative cushions with pockets.  I am not sure what the pockets could be used for? - earrings, spectacles, tooth fairy cushions? 
Large cushion 12" square and small 7" square

Covered A5 ruled notebooks
The cushions have soft fur fabric backs which makes them feel very luxurious. 
I have found the sewing with fabric to have the same effect as sewing with mohair, in that I am always on the lookout for new fabric to use and spend long periods practically drooling over the lovely designs that are available. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Cotton Plush can be as Beautiful as Mohair - Just Look at This Toy Dog.

I have usually avoided getting bears and animals made from cotton as I preferred the mohair.
Just lately I have had a couple of cotton plush ones that have made me change my mind.
Firstly there was this Sooty type bear -

Poor Sooty had lost his head

He brushed up really well and looked so cute.
Sooty is now SOLD
Sooty looked a proper charmer when I had mended and cleaned him up, and found a new home in a couple of days.
Then there is this dog, which I was originally told was a cat.

He looks totally different now, and is definitely a dog of some sort.  He would have originally had glass eyes and a hard nose as the holes were there.  I used 'artistic licence' for his mouth.  I managed to get his ears to turn over slightly at the tip which gives him more of a terrier look.  A Cairn Terrier possibly?  He is available in my Etsy shop.
After how these two have turned out, I will be on the lookout for more of these cotton plush toys.

Monday, 10 March 2014

The Bears Have Some Doll Friends

I have found a few dolls that I like to sell alongside my vintage bears and animals.
I have these two Ginny dolls that are yet to be listed on Etsy.  I want to make them a couple of new outfits before photographing them for the shop.  They are both in very good condition for their 40 years (approx.).  They are on display in my lounge with a lovely Chiltern Bruin (he is in my shop for sale).  The long haired doll has a very pretty face.  The black doll is quite rare I think as I cannot find another on the internet anywhere.

Sucking her Thumb
Cititoy Baby Doll
Then there is this cute Cititoy baby doll.  She is able to suck her thumb and has open/close eyes.
One of the things I like about her is that she smells of Lanolin.  She is from the 1980's.

Mattel Skating Doll
 Finally, I have listed this Mattel clockwork skating doll, also from the 80's  She is a lovely looking doll, with a cute face, dressed in her new knitted dress and hat.  She is not very good at skating and needs to hold a hand to stay upright, but she is fully working.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Shaggy Bear and a Sooty Bear Make Friends

I really like these two bears, they just seem to go together.

Poor Sooty Bear had been decapitated with  a broken neck joint.  Apart from that and a good brushing, he was in good condition.
His friend, Shaggy Bear had lovely long golden mohair that was quite matted and covered his eyes.  He had lost his smile, and  his voice too.

Here they are getting to know each other as they waited for their repairs and cleaning.

-----and here are the happy pair having a cuddle after 'surgery'.  Just look at Shaggy Bears smile, he can see and growl now (not as loud as when he was young), and is fit and ready to go to a new, loving home.

 They will be available (as separate listings) in my Etsy shop later on today.
I love this job :) :)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Vintage Miniature Toys, Steiff Dogs with Dressmakers Pincushions and Needlecases

I have not shown the most popular items from my Etsy shops for a while now.  Here are the most viewed items for the last 30 days.
First four are from my Bears and dolls shop - Polly's Vintage Bears

Miniature Blue Pram with Baby Doll 

1890's Wooden German Zoo Animals
(Leopard Sold)
Steiff Dog
Miniature German Houses - Penny Toys
Steiff Peky Pekingese Dog

-----and the most popular in my Pins and Needles Etsy shop -
Assorted Needlecases
Cat Pincushion
Teapot Pincushion

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Easter Bunnies

Royal Doulton Bunnikins
 Easter is coming so I thought I would show you some Easter Bunnies that I have in my Etsy store.
They make a cute friend for a large bear, or just an addition to a collection of rabbits.
Bethany Bunny OOAK Artist Bunny

Steiff Hoppy

Miniature Wooden Rabbit and Egg Basket

Merrythought Mr Twisty Bun Hand Puppet

Steiff Rabbit SOLD

Steiff Ossy SOLD