Monday, 10 March 2014

The Bears Have Some Doll Friends

I have found a few dolls that I like to sell alongside my vintage bears and animals.
I have these two Ginny dolls that are yet to be listed on Etsy.  I want to make them a couple of new outfits before photographing them for the shop.  They are both in very good condition for their 40 years (approx.).  They are on display in my lounge with a lovely Chiltern Bruin (he is in my shop for sale).  The long haired doll has a very pretty face.  The black doll is quite rare I think as I cannot find another on the internet anywhere.

Sucking her Thumb
Cititoy Baby Doll
Then there is this cute Cititoy baby doll.  She is able to suck her thumb and has open/close eyes.
One of the things I like about her is that she smells of Lanolin.  She is from the 1980's.

Mattel Skating Doll
 Finally, I have listed this Mattel clockwork skating doll, also from the 80's  She is a lovely looking doll, with a cute face, dressed in her new knitted dress and hat.  She is not very good at skating and needs to hold a hand to stay upright, but she is fully working.

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  1. Hiya. Not usually a fan of dolls, but these are quite sweet. Love the knitted outfits - you've done a great job, and LOVE the roller-skates! :-)