Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Shaggy Bear and a Sooty Bear Make Friends

I really like these two bears, they just seem to go together.

Poor Sooty Bear had been decapitated with  a broken neck joint.  Apart from that and a good brushing, he was in good condition.
His friend, Shaggy Bear had lovely long golden mohair that was quite matted and covered his eyes.  He had lost his smile, and  his voice too.

Here they are getting to know each other as they waited for their repairs and cleaning.

-----and here are the happy pair having a cuddle after 'surgery'.  Just look at Shaggy Bears smile, he can see and growl now (not as loud as when he was young), and is fit and ready to go to a new, loving home.

 They will be available (as separate listings) in my Etsy shop later on today.
I love this job :) :)

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