Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My First Auction Bears

I have never purchased bears from an auction before, but thought I would try my hand when a collection of well worn bears were listed at a local one.
Most lots went well above my 'absentee' bids.  I couldn't attend in person as I was 100 miles away looking after my Grandsons.  However I managed to get 2 lots and this great hug of bears came home with me. :)
Pedigree mohair, Unkown plush, Lefray mohair

Lefray plush, Deans mohair, Chad Valley mohair
 The first to have a makeover was this little Pedigree bear.  He is not in bad condition, and just needed a good clean and brush.  He is available in my Etsy shop.

Next came this big English plush bear with a deep growl who I named Big Boy.

He was listed on Etsy and sold within 24 hours to a customer of mine who lives in Japan.  As we speak, he is winging his way overseas, as he was posted yesterday.  He caused a bit of amusement in the Post Office as every time his parcel was tipped over he complained in his deep growly voice.

The next to be mended and cleaned up was the Lefray plush bear.

His arm needed a new joint and while I was at it I took a look at his non working squeaker.  He can now make a little squeak with a poke in the tummy (not surprising, it would make me squeak if someone did that to me!).  He is listed in my Etsy shop.

I have started mending the paws of the Chad Valley bear, but his hand paws will need patches.

The 1930's Deans bear I looked at late one night and got so engrossed in sorting out his problems that it was past midnight before I got to bed!  He needs a new head joint, and new hand paws.  He only had one ear so I have found suitable mohair in my offcuts and dyed it as close as I can to the original.  The original two pieces of ear will form the fronts of his 2 new ears, with the dyed pieces at the back.  I think he will be a handsome bear when he is finished.
Finally, the Lefray mohair bear, who needs his arm joints mending.
So, between restoring these. and making up a stock of little Pud Bears, I will be busy for a few weeks. :)  If you would like to know when these bears and the new artist bears go on sale, go to my FB page and 'like' it to get updates on the bears' progress.

Friday, 6 June 2014

A Very Large Visitor in a Sorry State

I had a huge parcel delivered yesterday and absolutely loved the contents as soon as I saw him.

Meet Herbert, a 23" bear named after my Paternal Grandfather whom I never met.  Grandad French left the army with shrapnel war wounds from WW1. 
This old boy has many 'wounds' of his own and I will consider it an honour to restore him and hopefully give him many more years in a new home.
For a start there is this patched area around his leg joint.  It has been patched very badly with a piece of sheepskin!  I am not sure that it will need a patch once the leg has been re-attached correctly.
Then there is problems with his arms.  The joints are fine, but the wood wool filling has settled making it look as if he has a broken arm, and the joint is showing at the top seam.

His paw pads have been replaced/covered, quite neatly, but stitched on the outside with a very dark brown material.  I am planning to give him new pads in a slightly lighter ultrasuede.  I will wait to see how damaged his original foot pads are once I get the covering material off. 

His head has numerous darns, especially around his nose.  These will be staying as they are quite neatly sewn, and in my opinion it will do more harm than good if I unpick them.  They are part of his history and give him character.  His nose and mouth appear to be original.

For some reason he has holes in the back of his ears that will need closing. 
I may find other problems as I go through the restoration process, but as long as I can make him strong enough to last many more years, I will be happy.
Unfortunately he has had to have the obligatory few days in the freezer that all of the old timers get when they arrive.  This (hopefully) will get rid of any nasties that may be lurking in the wood wool or mohair.  
When he comes out of quarantine I will post on here as I go along, to show the work in progress.  In the meantime, my 12" Pud Bears Panda appears to like having a big brother to look up to.
I believe him to be a 1930's - 1940's Chiltern bear.

Monday, 2 June 2014

A Fleeting Visit From a Terrier and Three More Pud Bears are Born

I enjoyed making the 12" Panda so much I have made two more 12" bears.  

Fuzz standing
This one is made from light brown long pile sparse mohair with a slightly darker backing.  He can nearly stand unaided, but did need a little help in the shape of a small stapler.  When he was completed I felt he needed a fashion accessory.  I tried the usual ribbons and lace, but they just were not right for him.  I found these beads in my oddments drawer and they are perfect for him. 
I have named him Fuzz.

Loving the goatee beard look

This next one named Treacle Panda is a new 3 coloured Panda with striking bronze coloured ears and upper chest.  I have started putting white behind the Pandas eyes. This makes them stand out much better and seems to give the bears more life. 

Treacle Panda was born in the garden surrounded by Roses and bird song. This week's weather has been lovely and warm so far, and I have been taking my sewing outside.

Next is this little 8" red bear named Jill.  Her look was created  when I found the bow with anchors on it in my buttons and bows box.  I knew I had material decorated with boats, so made her a summer dress to complete the look.  I do not do many dressed bears so I am pleased with how she has turned out

Lastly, here is a handsome black and white terrier dog made by Wendy Boston that visited me for a short while.  He was only listed on Etsy for under 12 hours before he was snapped up by a lucky customer.
The Pud Bears shown above are for sale in my Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/pollysvintagebears 
Go and have a browse, there are many vintage bears, animals, dolls and other toys available as well as the Pud Bears artist bears.