Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Vintage Cats and Dogs Plus One Real Ragdoll Cat

I have a selection of cats and dogs available in my Etsy shop -
Some are Steiff, some I don't know who made them, but I think they are all great.
A very Regal Corgi

Dakin Beagle

Steiff Cosy Bazi

Steiff  Mohair Dog
Steiff Miniature Pekingese
White Kitten

Mog the Cat

Real Soft Toys Large White Cat

Real Soft Toys Siamese Kitten
 ....and last, but by no means least - my beautiful Ragdoll cat Foggy upstaging two toy cats.

Foggy getting in on the act

Steiff Dossy, modelled by Foggy

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My New Finds - Roddy Doll and Berg Bear

It is very rare that I find any toys in an antique shop that I like enough to buy.  They are either not really old enough or much too expensive for what they are.
We went for a ride out yesterday to Bungay in Suffolk near where we used to live.  It is a lovely little town with a Buttercross in it's centre, a thriving market café, and enough little shops to keep me occupied browsing (and occasionally buying). 
We called into the café for a roast lamb dinner which was very good as usual and looked around a large antique emporium.  I was very impressed at how well kept and organised it was, and much to my surprise, found a Roddy doll and Berg miniature bear that I just couldn't leave behind.
I sat them on the table when I got home against a strange dog that I received last week.
The doll and dog looked as if they belonged together, so I took photos.
The little group of friends

The dog is a mystery, I have no idea of his maker.  He has a long tongue that hangs out of his mouth and a tail that curls over his back.
The pretty Roddy doll is 11 inches with her original dress.  Her hair is a bit thin at the back as many of these type of old doll wigs are.  I may try making her a cape and hat to go with her lacy dress.
The miniature bear is white mohair and has glass eyes and still has his tiny metal heart shaped tag with Berg on the back.
Look out for them in a few days when they will be listed in my Etsy shop - Bears

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Pollys Vintage Bears BOGOF Sale

I have just set up a BOGOF section in my Etsy shop .
If you buy two items from this section you will get the lowest priced item free.
Here are the items on offer :-

Ace Bear £7.50

1960's Scottish Souvenir Doll £5.00

Dollshouse Bendy Dolls in Chairs £10.00

Dolls Enamel Cup £5.00

Bear and Baby Ornament £5.00
Artist Bear Bunny Bethany £25.00

Toy Iron £5.00

Red Blanket £10.00

Bear and Dog Hunting Ornamet £5.00

Monday, 10 February 2014

50% off Some Items in my Etsy Shop Sale

I have some items at half price in my Etsy shop.
This sale is for February 2014 only, they will go back to full price at the end of the month.
Here are the ones that are still available -

Steiff Lion
Was £37.50 Half Price £18.75

Steiff Robby Seal
Was £22 Half Price £11 SOLD
Was £12.50 Half Price £6.25
Was £12.50 Half Price £6.25

Hermann Spaniel Dog
Was £19.50 Half Price £9.75

Knitted Cat Shelf Sitter
Was £12 Half Price £6
Irish Black and White Bear
Was £22.50 Half Price £11.25

Lefray Hairy Bear
Was £20 Half Price £10

Bitsy Bears Tea Cup Roundabout
Was £15 Half Price £7.50
Bitsy Bears Carousel
Was £15 Half Price £7.50

1940's Mohair Dog Puppet
Was £15 Half Price £7.50
1940's Mohair Dog Puppet
Was £15 Half Price £7.50

Monday, 3 February 2014

The Bears in the Drawer

I have a number of bears and animals in the drawer awaiting mending and/or cleaning.
Some are just grubby and need a good clean and brush, and others, like the poor little Chiltern bear need various 'operations' and 'fur grafts'.

The bear waiting room drawer
I really need to get this drawer emptied a bit as it is near impossible to close.
Starting at top left and working clockwise:-
Rust and white large bear made by Betoy in Oxfordshire, England, and a large brown bear (unknown maker).  Both finds by my husband, so not as old as most of my bears - probably 1970's-1980's.

Large pink German Funfair bear.  The blue bear is a smaller version.  They need a good clean but are both beautiful bears.

Clemens 'Sammy' bear with open, happy mouth.  Again needs a thorough cleaning.
White bear with red ears and eyes.  Cute little bear, but I don't know his origins.

Gorgeous large mohair bear that is in good condition, but needs ears and eyes.  I am waiting to go to a bear fair to buy appropriate mohair to make ears.  I think he may be a Schuco bear.

Two Chiltern grey cats are next.  The larger of the two has a squeak box, but it does not work.  They just need a clean and brush.

Black and white mohair dog nightdress case.  Clean, no damage, but needs a good brushing.

Just peeping through the middle are two little elephants.  One I think is a Steiff, but he has no label and his tusks are missing.

Plush sleepy dog, possibly Steiff.

Very bald Chiltern bear with much work needed - ears stitched back, paws mended, hole in tummy to be patched etc.  He does have his eyes and most of his nose and mouth stitching though.

Beige and red rabbit with red coat.  He is very old, may be a home made toy.

White mohair dog pyjama case - just needs eyes and a brushing.

So, there they are, my future projects all jumping up and down in the drawer saying "me next, mend me next".