Monday, 3 February 2014

The Bears in the Drawer

I have a number of bears and animals in the drawer awaiting mending and/or cleaning.
Some are just grubby and need a good clean and brush, and others, like the poor little Chiltern bear need various 'operations' and 'fur grafts'.

The bear waiting room drawer
I really need to get this drawer emptied a bit as it is near impossible to close.
Starting at top left and working clockwise:-
Rust and white large bear made by Betoy in Oxfordshire, England, and a large brown bear (unknown maker).  Both finds by my husband, so not as old as most of my bears - probably 1970's-1980's.

Large pink German Funfair bear.  The blue bear is a smaller version.  They need a good clean but are both beautiful bears.

Clemens 'Sammy' bear with open, happy mouth.  Again needs a thorough cleaning.
White bear with red ears and eyes.  Cute little bear, but I don't know his origins.

Gorgeous large mohair bear that is in good condition, but needs ears and eyes.  I am waiting to go to a bear fair to buy appropriate mohair to make ears.  I think he may be a Schuco bear.

Two Chiltern grey cats are next.  The larger of the two has a squeak box, but it does not work.  They just need a clean and brush.

Black and white mohair dog nightdress case.  Clean, no damage, but needs a good brushing.

Just peeping through the middle are two little elephants.  One I think is a Steiff, but he has no label and his tusks are missing.

Plush sleepy dog, possibly Steiff.

Very bald Chiltern bear with much work needed - ears stitched back, paws mended, hole in tummy to be patched etc.  He does have his eyes and most of his nose and mouth stitching though.

Beige and red rabbit with red coat.  He is very old, may be a home made toy.

White mohair dog pyjama case - just needs eyes and a brushing.

So, there they are, my future projects all jumping up and down in the drawer saying "me next, mend me next".

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  1. Oh this is treasure indeed! Looks very like my house! My husband calls these critters my road kill! Have fun fixing and breathing life back in those adorable guys x