Friday, 30 August 2013

Fairies, Sprites, Elves, Gnomes and Woodland Creatures

I love the fantasy world of Fairies and Elves, and all of the beautiful woodland creatures that are seen in pictures with them
I realized that I have many of these creatures in my Etsy shops as well as the Fairies themselves.
The knitted fairies were based on a pattern found in the IOM and are all individual designs - no two will be the same.
The Kneehugger Elf/Gnome is a vintage find from around the 1950's and is in very good condition.
Knitted Sprite and Fairy 15" Tall

Vintage Pot Headed Knee Hugger Elf  SOLD

Purple and Pink Knitted Fairy Doll

The next section are the woodland animals that are mainly Steiff except for the larger Deer which is Hermann.

Steiff Wittie Owl - Large  SOLD

Steiff  Joggi Hedgehog 5" SOLD and Hoppy Rabbit

Steiff  Nagy Beaver

Steiff Perri Squirrel
Steiff  Tiny Fawn SOLD
Hermann Fawn

 ..and finally, the Christmas Fairies are back!  I know it is only the end of August, but the Christmas goods are already being filtered into the High Street shops so I thought I would get in on the act.
Pink and White Fairy

Pink Fairy Christmas Tree Topper SOLD

Pink Fairy Tree Topper

Blue and Purple Fairy Christmas Tree Topper

 I hope that you enjoyed looking at my fairy folk and cute woodland creatures.  They are all available at


Sunday, 4 August 2013

Pud Bears Flower Pandas

I started making 3 coloured Pud Bears Pandas in the 1990's.  They were very popular so I have made a few since I restarted making bears.  Here are a selection of past and present Pandas.

8" Biscuit - SOLD

8" Cherry Panda - SOLD
8" Rusty Panda - SOLD
8" Purple Panda - SOLD

8" Tan and Green Panda - SOLD
6" Tan Panda - SOLD

Pastel Panda - available at House of Bears, Bath

I am currently making a new 8" Panda in black, shaggy blue tipped, and royal blue.