Sunday, 4 August 2013

Pud Bears Flower Pandas

I started making 3 coloured Pud Bears Pandas in the 1990's.  They were very popular so I have made a few since I restarted making bears.  Here are a selection of past and present Pandas.

8" Biscuit - SOLD

8" Cherry Panda - SOLD
8" Rusty Panda - SOLD
8" Purple Panda - SOLD

8" Tan and Green Panda - SOLD
6" Tan Panda - SOLD

Pastel Panda - available at House of Bears, Bath

I am currently making a new 8" Panda in black, shaggy blue tipped, and royal blue.


  1. Love the rusty coloured panda, and the tan and green (green?) one - very sweet!

    1. Thanks Ruth,
      The tan and green one's photo does not show the colours well. His arms and legs mohair is cream with pale green tips.