Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Real Soft Toys

I found this maker by accident whilst looking around a bootsale.
A big white fluffy toy cat caught my eye and on impulse I bought him.
When I got him home and set about brushing and cleaning him I found a label saying he was made by Real Soft Toys.
Snowy - SOLD
He had the most beautiful expressive eyes and a nice shaped nose which appealed to me so I started looking for more information on this maker. 
Real Soft Toys was a factory in Watford, England.  They were taken over by Lefray in 1980, so any animals by them are 1970's or earlier.

The cat who I named Snowy was a hit with my customers so I searched for more of these toys.
Here are the ones that I have found, some are available on my website and in my Etsy shop, some have found new homes and I still have one or two still to be brushed to bring out their full beauty.
Ginger Tom SOLD

Simba SOLD

Tom Kitten SOLD

Yorkie in Boot

I have another Yorkie (see below), and I've managed to get another Tom Kitten and Simba too.  Then there is a RST bear.  I have not had one of the bears before and will be interested to see what response I get from my customers.  The cats and dogs seem to be quite collectable, but not sure if the bears will be as popular.