Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Cavalier Boys Pose for the Camera

I thought I would take a break from showing you my vintage toys and give Harry and Sidney their moment in the spotlight.

Sidney liking his 'new' 3 tier bed (they were waiting to be washed)

My beautiful Harry, complete with cobweb on his head :)

He loved my new Elephant hot water bottle cover

Sidney has a bad hair day!
I can't believe how 'grey' he has gone, just look at the difference in those eyebrows from the photo on the right!

Come to think of it, they both had a bad hair day that day lol
You can easily see their different characters in this photo - Sidney with his wide eyed innocent, worried face and Harry squinting with a willful, defiance stare.

Horses, Chiltern, Prams and Steiff with a Sprinkling of Pincushions

I have not shown the most popular items from my Etsy shops for a while now.  Here are the most viewed items for the last 30 days.
First four are from my Bears and dolls shop - Polly's Vintage Bears
Number one  is the miniature doll in her little blue pram.
At number two is this cute Hermann Fawn
Next, at number three is this very play worn Chiltern Bear..SOLD.
...and finally at number four, a very old late 1800's
papier mache horse on wheels.
As I have two Etsy shops now, here are the top four pincushions in my Polly's Pins and Needles shop.
Number one - a pretty pink floral high heeled shoe
Number two is this cute Sheep eggcup SOLD
At number three a simple seashell pincushion...
...and at number four is this vintage blue and white teapot with
tulip decoration
There are many more items available in my two shops.  More are being added daily, so keep popping back for a browse.  You may just find that special gift for someone special, or even a present for yourself.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Pincushions, Fairies, Swans and Bagpuss

I opened a new Etsy shop earlier in the month to list the pincushions that I make from found items - some vintage, some just cute.  

This spider pincushion is the one that started my interest in making more of them.  I found the vintage red velvet cushion at a boot sale.  It already had the cotton doily on the top and I thought it looked like a spider's web. The spider came from a charity shop (a toy free gift I think from a certain fast food shop that children adore). :)   They just had to go together, then I remembered I had a plastic fly/bee somewhere in my stash of decorating bits.  They just came together so well.  I think he is great, so if no-one buys him I will quite happily hang on to him.
There are various shoes and boots

Cute items on cushions - I love this little Bagpuss
 on his striped cushion SOLD

Character Eggcups

Cute ornaments

Miniature vases and jugs

There are 4 different fairies to choose from
Pretty needle holders
I also found some great cotton material that I thought would be good for needle holders.

These are just a few of the pincushions I have available in my Etsy shop.  Go take a look, they make lovely gifts.