Monday, 1 July 2013

Pincushions, Fairies, Swans and Bagpuss

I opened a new Etsy shop earlier in the month to list the pincushions that I make from found items - some vintage, some just cute.  

This spider pincushion is the one that started my interest in making more of them.  I found the vintage red velvet cushion at a boot sale.  It already had the cotton doily on the top and I thought it looked like a spider's web. The spider came from a charity shop (a toy free gift I think from a certain fast food shop that children adore). :)   They just had to go together, then I remembered I had a plastic fly/bee somewhere in my stash of decorating bits.  They just came together so well.  I think he is great, so if no-one buys him I will quite happily hang on to him.
There are various shoes and boots

Cute items on cushions - I love this little Bagpuss
 on his striped cushion SOLD

Character Eggcups

Cute ornaments

Miniature vases and jugs

There are 4 different fairies to choose from
Pretty needle holders
I also found some great cotton material that I thought would be good for needle holders.

These are just a few of the pincushions I have available in my Etsy shop.  Go take a look, they make lovely gifts.

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  1. Wow - you diversify! They're very sweet. Love the little jug and those needle cases :-)