Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ferdie the Fox

I am constantly researching to find the makers of some of the old bears and animals that I get.
Some are easy - they have a label, then it is just tying the label up with a date.  Makers used various labels in different eras.
It is so satisfying after looking for what seems an age for the roots of a bear, dog or other animal to find exactly what they are and to be able to give a name to the design.

This is Ferdie Fox
Ferdie came to me in a job lot of old (some very poorly) animals and bears.  As you can see he is very small.  I was puzzzled by his appearance - he looked a bit like a Hermann type, but I had never seen one made from fluffy pipecleaners before.
He has glass eyes and nose and is really very cute.
This morning, just by chance I was browsing Etsy when I came upon this.  Can you see the resemblance?

This deer is made by Ara Jeterzian.  He made about 200 of these little collectable animals in the 1970's to 1980's.  My research shows that he came from Austria. (at least my Hermann idea was the right sort of area in the World!).  I have found quite a lot of deer, they seem to have been very popular.
Here are a few more that I have found on the net

They came in little clear sided boxes, some are still available boxed.  I think they are really cute and can imagine myself collecting them when I was a youngster.  Sadly, they were not available in my local Wooloworths store where I went to spend my pocket money.
The little Fox is available on my website or in my Etsy shop
The others are from various websites on the Internet.

Gary and Kathy, Two Old Friends

I showed you a couple of Old Timers in a very sorry state a few weeks ago.
This week I decided it was about time they had their makeover.

I started with the bear whom I had called Rumble as he had a hole in his tummy.
As I was stitching and cleaning it became apparent that Rumble was, infact a girl!  The name didn't suit her at all so I had to think of another.  I waited until I had finished her and sat her in front of me thinking how beautiful she was now.  I decided on Kathy as I have always though that Katherine Zeta Jones was really beautiful.

Next was the Pekingese dog.  He is called Gary.  The reason?  Biscuits of course - Garibaldi - get it?
Again I stitched and cleaned, and replaced missing eyes.  Gary has no mohair left at all on his body so I knitted him a blue coat to protect his 'skin' from further damage.

I am so pleased with how the two of them have turned out, I have to keep going to look at them.
There is something so special about these old timers that people have let get in such a state.  If only they could talk, think of the tales they could tell.
Poor old Garibaldi

Gary standing proud in his new coat
Two sad old friends
A little magic - and 'You Shall go to the Ball'
Both Gary and Kathy are available on my website and for International customers

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Groundhog Day

Squeaky - NOW SOLD
Apparently today is Groundhog Day in America.  I have seen the film with Tom Hanks in it a couple of times but didn't realise that Groundhog Day actually happens in USA on February 2nd every year.  I thought it was just made up for the film.

Squeaky, above is a Hermann Marmot (Groundhog)  he was available in my Etsy shop although is now sold .  He has been in many Treasuries on Etsy the last few days and has proved very popular with lots of views.

Foggy found him quite interesting when I left him on the table.
He is in excellent condition (Squeaky I mean, but Foggy's pretty good too) complete with his red tag label and a loud squeak when pressed.
If you prefer a private website shop instead of Etsy, this is my

Happy Groundhog Day!