Thursday, 2 February 2012

Groundhog Day

Squeaky - NOW SOLD
Apparently today is Groundhog Day in America.  I have seen the film with Tom Hanks in it a couple of times but didn't realise that Groundhog Day actually happens in USA on February 2nd every year.  I thought it was just made up for the film.

Squeaky, above is a Hermann Marmot (Groundhog)  he was available in my Etsy shop although is now sold .  He has been in many Treasuries on Etsy the last few days and has proved very popular with lots of views.

Foggy found him quite interesting when I left him on the table.
He is in excellent condition (Squeaky I mean, but Foggy's pretty good too) complete with his red tag label and a loud squeak when pressed.
If you prefer a private website shop instead of Etsy, this is my

Happy Groundhog Day!


  1. Hi I found you via picto, love your teddy bears AND dogs:) Now following.

  2. Groundhogs are so cute. I have pictures of one clearing out his 'den' in the spring way back in the 70"s when we lived in Montreal, Canada. We spent about 2 hours just sitting and observing him. Your groundhog looks a really nice one too.