Sunday, 29 January 2012

Smiler and his Family

Some of you may remember this funny little bear that I named Smiler.
I purchased him with a view to restoring and selling on, but fell in love with his cute little gummy smile, so he is still here.
I have been searching for other bears like him to find out who his maker is. 
Mac and Smiler
Many months ago a came across one of his 'brothers' who I have named Mac.  He was wearing Scottish tartan trousers and a bow tie and was in quite a grubby condition  (much worse than I thought when I bought him).  He has been sitting in my 'Old bears to restore' box since then.
This morning I came across this little bear on the net.  Can you see the family likeness?
I have not purchased him yet, although I have given him the name Ted, but I am very tempted.  Unfortunately he still hasn't got a label, but his seams and how is is made is identical to Mac and Smiler - he's just in near perfect condition and has not been played with to within an inch of his life as the other two have.
My thoughts are that they may be Chad Valley bears, possibly pre-WWII, but if anyone has any other information I would be very pleased to find out who their makers are.

Mac, naked and trying to preserve his modesty :)
Finding Ted has spurred me on to do something about poor Mac, so I rescued him from the box and removed his trousers and bow tie ready to give him a clean.

I think I may have found myself a type of bear to collect. I just couldn't let Smiler go.  I like these little bears, especially the well loved ones, they must have so many stories to tell, I can imagine them being owned by poorer children and probably going through the Blitz or being evacuated with their young owners.

There are still plenty of old bears that I can let go on my website or for overseas customers

I will post a picture of Mac when he has been cleaned up (hopefully it will go well).

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