Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Odds and Ends

I've listed a few oddities on my Etsy shop in the last week.  They had been passed over in favour of the mohair bears and dogs for a while and thought I would see if there would be any interest in them.
There is a miniature pram, a little German Lion, Mickey Mouse, a plush and felt Fox and a Teddy Bear bookmark.
The Lion and the pram seem the most popular so far, but then I've only just posted the Fox and Mickey.

Take a look at them in my shop

Grerr the Lion

Mickey Mouse (just in case you didn't know!)

 I have numerous creatures to clean, brush and mend in my 'to do' box. Some will take longer than others and I have to be feeling quite brave to tackle them. 

I still have Gary, the bald Pekingese and now he has a buddy in the form of a very bald, eyeless mohair bear whom I have named Rumble.

The large white Poodle is made by Deans, complete with label.  I think it would have been on a frame as a Toddler Walker because the feet do not seem finished off neatly, and it is large enough to be that type of toy.

There is also a cat and 3 bears in the freezer (Oh dear that makes me sound like a criminal!)

Waiting for restoration

Gary and Rumble - don't they look great together?

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  1. These are great, you are going to be busy, I had to laugh at the thought of opening your freezer and seeing a kitty staring back at me :)

    I have left a little gift over on my blog for you.

    Have a great day

    Jan x