Friday, 6 January 2012

The Mystery of the Missing Leg

You may remember before Christmas that I had lost a leg from a little miniature brown bear.  I managed to find enough mohair to make another and finish Ted Bear
He is proving very popular and has had lots of views, but is still available in my website  and
Well, my daughter rang the other day and asked if I had lost a teddy leg.  She had found it under one of her sofas when she took her trees and decorations down.
At least the mystery is solved and if I make another bear in the same colours I only need to make one leg :)
My next two Pud Bears are a 4" white sparse mohair and this little 6" pink tipped one.  She has big blue eyes.

I also have a box full of old characters to clean up and mend.  Here are a selection of them -

Half way there
The big white one at the back is a Merrythought 'Super Bear' nightdress case, complete with label on his foot.  Next to him is, I think, a Wendy Boston, and to the left of that one is a small, possibly Pedigree bear.  In the front row L to R , a German bear with growler, a grey cat similar to one I've had before, may be Hermann, a mohair headed bear with a sheepskin body, (not sure if it is a later addition) and my favourite, a perfectly proportioned little mohair bear with a cute face.
I have just looked at the bear with the sheepskin body and unstitched a few bits.  Doesn't she look better? (I have decided that this bear is a girl).
'As nature intended'
I removed the bright white sheepskin material and uncovered the original body.  There is a hole in the left leg that I will but a contrasting patch on and one on the chest.  I'm not sure what to do with that yet, although I will probably dress her as that is how I think she would have been originally.
The left foot was missing so I have used some of the sheepskin to form a new one.  I have only pinned it so far and you can just see the pin heads if you look carefully. 
I still don't know what make she is, but with her contrasting muzzle I am thinking possibly German.
I will keep researching to try to find her maker.


  1. You are getting quite a 'master' at this renovating stuff and they all look smashing - glad you found your leg!! So frustrating when that happens. I lost about 8 cards and couldn't find them anywhere till we decided to decorate and they were under the wardrobe at the back. Must have slid off the bed in their cellophane wrappers and just glided in under the wardrobe and hunkered down till much, much later when I found them again.

  2. Have mentioned you on my blog today Pauline