Friday, 30 December 2011

Harry and Sidney The Cavaliers and their Christmas

My two Cavaliers, Harry and Sidney haven't really bothered with Christmas before so I thought I was being thrifty in not buying presents for them.  They can be very greedy with treats, so not a good idea, and they only seem to play with the same old toys all the time - Big Ted and Squeaky Pig. 
Sidney has had Big Ted since he was a puppy.  He was about the size of it's leg and used to play fetch with it, dragging it back to us.  Sidney is now 6 and Big Ted still has all his stuffing, arms and legs, ears and both eyes. 
Harry was 10 months old when we had him, and came with a couple of toys (Sidney had a basket full by that age!).  We had just bought Sidney the little squeaky pig as he had lost his squeaky Hippo.  Harry loved it and stole it from Sidney, making it his own.  That was 4 years ago and Squeaky Pig has been played with daily and still squeaks.  My boys know how to look after their toys! :)

Sidney with Big Ted and Harry with his Squeaky Pig

Big Ted gets given a Runner Bean that Sidney found in the garden
I put the Christmas tree up and started putting presents around the base and Sidney was really excited.  He sat guarding the presents after that, occasionally nudging one.  Oh dear, it was Christmas Eve and I had no time to get presents for the dogs by then. 
I felt such a bad Mummy.                                                         
I hastily wrapped up a couple of their chew treats so there was something for them to unwrap Christmas morning.  I needn't have bothered really as they were just as excited to see my Grandsons unwrapping their presents.  Santa came to my house :)
Sidney, tail a blur, looking quite bewildered by everything (note Big Ted not far away)

Harry watched the proceedings from my knee, on his 'new blanket'.  I call it my cuddly new red dressing gown, but every time I sat down he was there, snuggling into it.
"I luurve Mam's new dressing gown"
He also liked to cuddle up to my youngest Grandson, Lucas.  Here they are, both having a quiet time with Grandad Alan.

Lucas loves dogs and they love him - he squishes down
 and makes a great cushion :)

Well that is my dogs' Christmas.  I too had a nice time, my daughter and Grandsons stayed over and it was lovely to have children about on Christmas morning.  It just isn't Christmas without the kids and wall to wall wrapping paper.
I managed to cook the dinner with the aid of extra tablets for my arthritis.  I may have been a bit spaced out and high on the Codene, but at least I managed to stand and prepare everything.
We had my brother, sister and bil over for tea and a great time was had by all.  I can honestly say that it was the best Christmas Day I have spent for many years.
I ached a bit by bedtime but it had been worth it. :)


  1. Nice photos and so glad you had a great time. My dog loves to play and chew up the wrapping paper - she too, plays with her old faithful toys, so I do not bother buying any new ones.

  2. A very happy New Year guys :-) x x x x x x x