Thursday, 3 May 2012

A purple rabbit called Rascal 2nd

I made a few mohair rabbits last year for the craft shop.  There was one of them that I really liked.  He was called Rascal and had such grumpy expression.
He was sold a few weeks ago and got lost in the post.  I was quite annoyed with GPO because I would sooner have kept him for myself  than not know where he has ended up. 
This is Rascal 1st
The customer asked if I had another like him.  I hadn't as I had made him as a one off, but told him that I had some of the mohair left and would try to make another as close as possible.
He needed to be a bit different (or Rascal 1st wouldn't have been a one off) and as I didn't have quite enough of the purple tipped for his tummy he has a Panda type strip at his neck.
I was really pleased how he turned out and I like him just as much as his 'brother'.  He doesn't look quite as grumpy does he?
Rascal 2nd
He is an 8" design in luxurious German purple mohair with cream/lilac tipped muzzle and tummy and pink ultrasuede paw pads and ear inners.
The customer hasn't bought him yet so if you are interested in him he will be available for general sale shortly.

**He is now available in my online shops**  (handmade craft site UK only )  (my website containing old and new bears and other animals.) (Overseas and UK craft site for vintage and new items)

I am in a colourful mood to try to combat all this rain we are getting and finished this 8" Rainbow bear yesterday.  He is available at for international buyers and for UK customers, priced at £28 including UK postage.
Rainbow Bear 8"