Thursday, 23 February 2012

Gary and Kathy, Two Old Friends

I showed you a couple of Old Timers in a very sorry state a few weeks ago.
This week I decided it was about time they had their makeover.

I started with the bear whom I had called Rumble as he had a hole in his tummy.
As I was stitching and cleaning it became apparent that Rumble was, infact a girl!  The name didn't suit her at all so I had to think of another.  I waited until I had finished her and sat her in front of me thinking how beautiful she was now.  I decided on Kathy as I have always though that Katherine Zeta Jones was really beautiful.

Next was the Pekingese dog.  He is called Gary.  The reason?  Biscuits of course - Garibaldi - get it?
Again I stitched and cleaned, and replaced missing eyes.  Gary has no mohair left at all on his body so I knitted him a blue coat to protect his 'skin' from further damage.

I am so pleased with how the two of them have turned out, I have to keep going to look at them.
There is something so special about these old timers that people have let get in such a state.  If only they could talk, think of the tales they could tell.
Poor old Garibaldi

Gary standing proud in his new coat
Two sad old friends
A little magic - and 'You Shall go to the Ball'
Both Gary and Kathy are available on my website and for International customers


  1. Oooh - I didn't realise you had a website - it looks great! I love Gary - he is the sweetest vintage dog I have seen, and the coat is perfect!

  2. Ohmigod! It published my comment! I cannot tell you how many times I've tried, only to be told I'm not allowed!

  3. I changed the settings Ruth, I don't think you have to put those strange words in now do you?