Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My New Finds - Roddy Doll and Berg Bear

It is very rare that I find any toys in an antique shop that I like enough to buy.  They are either not really old enough or much too expensive for what they are.
We went for a ride out yesterday to Bungay in Suffolk near where we used to live.  It is a lovely little town with a Buttercross in it's centre, a thriving market café, and enough little shops to keep me occupied browsing (and occasionally buying). 
We called into the café for a roast lamb dinner which was very good as usual and looked around a large antique emporium.  I was very impressed at how well kept and organised it was, and much to my surprise, found a Roddy doll and Berg miniature bear that I just couldn't leave behind.
I sat them on the table when I got home against a strange dog that I received last week.
The doll and dog looked as if they belonged together, so I took photos.
The little group of friends

The dog is a mystery, I have no idea of his maker.  He has a long tongue that hangs out of his mouth and a tail that curls over his back.
The pretty Roddy doll is 11 inches with her original dress.  Her hair is a bit thin at the back as many of these type of old doll wigs are.  I may try making her a cape and hat to go with her lacy dress.
The miniature bear is white mohair and has glass eyes and still has his tiny metal heart shaped tag with Berg on the back.
Look out for them in a few days when they will be listed in my Etsy shop - www.etsy.com/shop/PollysVintage Bears

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