Sunday, 4 November 2012

It's a Red and Yellow Thingamebob

This is my latest knitting creation.  I found a really old vintage pattern and decided to give it a go as I liked the look of the finished item.
I have never come across such a complex toy pattern.  Just look at the main part, it's got bits sticking out all over the place.  Whoever designed this was very clever.  How they came up with it is beyond me.

I finished all of the knitted parts this morning and started to stitch it together.  It didn't mention in the pattern that you needed a university degree to assemble it.
Half way through stitching

No - it's not an elephant
It is larger than I was expecting at 15"/38cm tall.  I will have to get more polyester stuffing if I am to make any more of these.
If I am pleased with the look of it I have a few more colour schemes in mind.

I will unveil the finished item tomorrow - watch this space!

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