Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Thingamebob is Revealed

I couldn't leave him until tomorrow, I just had to get him finished to see what he looked like.

                                                   Here he is, my very first Alley Cat

 As soon as I started making the head I couldn't put him down, and just had to get him finished.

I really hope he is popular as I want to make some more in different colours.  I am already planning a blue and lime green one and have thought about a girly pink one with little embroidered flowers on the tummy.  The combinations are endless.
I am hoping that they will go down well at the local craft fairs along with the Diddy Dogs.  I have until Spring to get enough of both made up to fill a table, along with the artist bears.
Diddy Dogs

The Alley Cats have googly eyes and fluffed up wool that makes them unsuitable for young children.
They are really made as display items/ shelf sitters, not as toys.

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