Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A boot sale find frozen in time

We like to wander around the boot sales, Alan looks for clocks, and I look for bears or dogs.

He usually has more luck than me, it is very, very rare that I find a bear old enough for me to want to buy. 
I hobbled round this Sunday (my back still isn't right) looking for anything interesting to do with bears, when I came upon a mohair doggy nightdress case.  Nothing exciting, it was in a poor condition - ear missing, no eyes and quite forlorn looking.  However, the zip worked, and the lining was intact so I made a deal for that and a Merrythought dog (not mohair but reasonably old and it had it's labels).

I was looking on the stall as the lady found my change, and saw an item that fascinated me.  How on earth did they do that?  was my reaction.  I wanted it, and would have quite happily paid £5 for it, but 50p was all she asked, so I paid her and pleased as Punch put it in the bag with the dogs.

I have since found others on the internet, it's not worth a huge amount, but I love it and have placed it on my cabinet in the hall to catch the light.  Here it is with Peddy, the Pedigree bear. 

Isn't it beautiful?  How on earth they manage to get a Dandelion Seed clock inside perspex intact (I have seen glass ones too) is beyond me.  It is not as big as it looks, the perspex magnifies it.
As this heading says 'Frozen in Time'


  1. Amazingly clever. I have always been fascinated by these as well. To capture every little seed head is so enchanting.