Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Little and Large?

I placed an "Old bears wanted" ad in the local paper last week.  I wasn't sure if I would get any response but I thought it was worth a try.  There must be poor old bears stuffed in attics and sheds all over the country.
I have had three replies so far which I am happy with - too many bears to rescue would break the bank.
One was an obvious no-go when I saw him, I try to only restore mohair and prefer the 1950's and before.
The other two I have 'rescued' (not that they had been badly treated or anything).
Podge is now SOLD

Here they are - Podge, and Paddy Paws.

I cannot find out who their makers are. 

I wondered if Paddy Paws is a homemade bear, he has real leather paws, is good quality mohair and glass eyes.  He is 11" and stuffed with Kapok throughout.  His body is square and flat and he is not jointed .  I find him quite cute though.  He needs stitches putting in his ears and under one arm, and one of his eyes is very loose.  I'm not sure if he should have a jointed neck as the stitches around it seem to be 'mummy' ones.  I toyed with the idea of re-working his nose as it seems too big for him, but after taking this photo I may leave it as it is.

Big boy Podge is 24" and could do with going to Fat Camp.
I don't think he is mohair, I will know better when I clean him.  The only other bear I can find that looks quite a lot like him is this pink art silk bear from Bourton Bears.  They haven't given him a maker's name either.
I have a nice blue check shirt for him to wear when he is cleaned up.  It will cover that big expanse of tummy a bit.
One of my main concerns about him is how much he will cost to post.  He is woodwool filled and doesn't feel that heavy considering his size, so it may not be too expensive.

So the advert was a success. I may repeat it 2,3 or 4 weekly depending on if I need more bears.  I have quite a good amount of stock atm.  I am considering doing a bear fair with my old bears and dogs in October.  Of course the Pud Bears could come along too.
We have a holiday coming up and I thought of working it around a fair in Hampshire.  I like the New Forest area, so a cottage there would make a good break for us.

Don't forget to keep checking back on my Etsy shop for new bears and dogs
Also my own Weebly website (UK customers only)  The same bears are a few pounds less on here to take into account that there is no commission and currency conversion charges for me to pay.

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