Monday, 5 September 2011

Percy's Progress

Do you remember cute little Percy, the bear with one arm?

This is what I said at the time As for his restoration, I will give him a new arm, but I'm not going to try to match it exactly, it will be a 'false arm'. 

Well I tried that and didn't like the result.  The new arm is not too bad a match in size and shape, although it does need to be a bit chunkier.  The whole 'make it look obvious' didn't work.  Then my brain clicked into gear (it rests a lot these days :).  I could dye the material and make it a closer match to his fur.  A dish, a few teabags and coffee granules and I have nearly got the colour I want.
I'm just waiting for it to dry  then I can set to work making a better matching arm for Percy.
He may have a slight aroma of coffee about him. :)


  1. He's very cute, and I'm sure will smell yummy when he's finished!

  2. That looks a really good match - hope it works out okay for you.