Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My husband's clocks, plus something completely different from me

My husband has always liked the workings of clocks and watches and it has gradually developed into a hobby.  He has got quite good at cleaning and mending old clocks so I suggested that he put some of his successes onto Etsy to see if he could sell some of them.
He has really taken me to my word and now our back room table looks like this! (it is actually fuller now, I took this a couple of weeks ago)

It is proving to be a success as he has sold 3 clocks so far and is getting interest in his Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/AKClocks

This is an original striking clock (SOLD)

Here are a few of his clocks, some old, some recycled, and some mixed up (old cases with battery movements).
An unusual Moose antler clock

A tin made into a clock

Vintage Art Deco case with battery movement (SOLD)
Metamec wind up clock (SOLD)
I have been busy knitting whilst he has been tinkering with his clocks in the back room.  This is a new item for me - a pram blanket (with a teddy design of course).
Other colours available to order

www.etsy.com/shopPollyKay11  Overseas customers

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