Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Percy's progress - part 2

For any of you who have been watching Percy's problem with his missing arm, here he is after his recent operations.

The new arm looks much better than the white one

He feels well enough to go for a little walk
His new arm is slightly lighter in colour than his original, but not that noticable unless you look for it.
I am really pleased with my first attempt at making a new limb for an old bear.
I didn't realise Percy could stand unaided until I started taking his photos for his listing on Etsy.
He needs balancing a bit to achieve it, but with his cardboard lined solid feet he can be posed in a standing position.
I'm still trying to find out who he is, this mysterious one-armed bear.  His feet pads go to a point at the heel as some Bing bears do, so that may be a possibility.  He is very well made, and his final seam is down his tummy as in Steiff bears.
If anyone can throw any light on his maker I would love to find out.

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  1. He has turned out fabulous - you should be so proud.