Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Such an exciting parcel

My huge parcel of German bears and animals has arrived.  I will be so busy once they have spent their time in the freezer (the bread had to move over to make room).
There are no photos as yet as I needed to get them straight into cold store to eliminate any possibility of carpet beetles etc.  I have too many dogs and bears here to risk it.

There are - 3 cats, 11 bears, 4 dogs and a Marmot (not a Gopher as I first thought).
One of the 3 big bears (23") is beautiful, a pretty pale coloured mohair with a growler as a bonus.  He looks to be a Hermann-Coburg bear.
The other two are grubbier, one has a non-working growler (I will investigate) and the other is rod jointed with very loose legs.  I've never seen rod jointing before so not sure how to tighten them as yet.  One of these two is definately not mohair, but has age and I'm hoping he will brush up well.

The 3 mohair cats are cute, especially the smallest, who I have identified as a Teddy Hermann made in 1954.
There are a couple of Spaniel dogs, a black poodle, 3 Zottys (2 laying, 1 standing), a few other dogs and last, but not least, the Marmot.

I am really looking forward to getting started on these animals.

In the meantime I have listed a Siamese cat this morning and the only 'patients' I  have left is this very sick Pekingese, and Percy, a sweet little bear with only one arm.  I have tried to find out what make Percy is but have come up with a blank so far.

Such a grumpy face, I hope someone will love him


Poor little Percy One Arm
 The Peke was called Gary because he is very bald (Garibaldi biscuits?).  I think I may need to knit him a coat.
Percy needs a false arm.  I have decided not to try and match his fur, but just give him an obvious false arm.  He may then have a jacket to cover it a bit.  I'll just play it by ear with him.  He is so cute, I don't mind if he doesn't sell, I'll just keep him.
Just one more to arrive now, a gold mohair 1940's-1950's, my favourite sort.

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  1. Looks like you have a busy time ahead of you. Can't wait to see them restored. Love Percy he is so cute.