Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Recent activity in the Pud Bears household

It seems ages since I blogged.  I have so much going on at the moment.
The restored bears are doing well and I am constantly on the look out for more old characters to give a makeover to.  It is such a satisfying process.
The large white dog is proving to be a challenge.  I think he may have been in a fire as I have been trying everything to get rid of the lingering smoky smell.
As a last resort he has had a surface wash.  He has improved, but I may even have to remove all of the woodwool and replace it.  This he may not survive as he is a bit delicate in places.

Look away if you are squeamish!

Mickey is a happy soul even with pegs in his ears.
 He sat in the sunshine to dry with Mickey Mouse watching over him from his advantage point on the washing

My Husband did well finding 2 mohair dogs for me and now is keen to find more.  Unfortunately he does not always get it right.  The camel is not mohair, and I've no idea if he is very old, but he makes me laugh so I just may keep him for myself.  I have named him Isiah (one eye is higher than the other).  The little white Boyds bear is actually mohair but is not that old at 1998.  He tries though, bless him, and it is nice getting little gifts like this
I have two mohair dogs in the freezer, awaiting their makeovers, one a Chiltern with a tail that wags, and the other a Farnell Pekingese in a very sorry state.  He may need a knitted coat to cover his (very bald) body.
I am also waiting for 2 bears and another dog.  I seem to be finding more dogs than bears at the moment., but I love dogs so they are just as enjoyable for me to do as the bears.

The remaining sock monkey
click on the picture to go to his shop page
I have only 2 more weeks at the Sunday shop in the Alby Craft Centre and then I will be concentrating on local Craft fairs leading up to Christmas. I have been selling the knitted bears quite well at the shop and will need to get some made up for the fairs.  I think they will sell better than the mohair bears in this sort of venue. I only have one sock monkey left too.
One of the large knitted bears,
click on picture to go to his shop page
On the personal side, I am back at work now after 6 weeks off with sciatica and arthritis problems.  I am struggling to manage a full day on my feet and need higher doses of medication than when I am at home.
Roll on retirement - 15 months to go, but I'm not counting!

Don't forget to take a look at my Etsy and Folksy shops and my new Vintage bears website - http://www.pollysvintagebears.weebly.com/     I am struggling to get it to come up on Google, I've tried loads of different ways, but nothing seems to work. Can I ask you a favour?  Could you put the link on your Facebook, Tweet or anything else that would help it to be found?  I would be very grateful as I would love to see a higher number of hits on the site.

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