Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My first craft fair for a year

I was quite pleased with the craft fair yesterday.  I couldn't stay there too long because of my back, but I popped in to see my sister who was manning the stall for us both.
Hank (SOLD)
I sold one of my mohair bears and some fridge magnets, plus a few other bits and pieces. My sister did well with her dressed dolls and dolls clothes.
Our next one is this weekend, a 3 day event at the Great Yarmouth Marina.  There should be a bear collector coming back for 2 bears (fingers crossed!).  I will try to get over to help as much as I can, but unfortunately this back problem is not going away. 
I am having an x-ray today, waiting for an appointment with a back specialist and physiotherapy.  I want to see if the speciaslist will send me for a scan on my spine to see what is going on with it.
The big white dog that I told you about previously has been sold.  He is winging his way to USA as I speak.

Scrappy (SOLD)
I have had a very successful week with the buying of old bears and dogs. 
Look out for - a Chiltern Koala with bells in his ears, 3 little mohair
terriers, a black Spaniel, 8 German bears, one English bear and various mohair animals.

Such a cutie, but who is he?
 I also have a one armed little bear that is so cute.  I think he could be German, possibly Bing, (his feet pads go to a point) but I'm really not sure.  Has anyone by any chance seen one like this?  He has 4 stitched claws on each paw, his feet are flat and card lined.  He is fully woodwool filled and his final stitching is down his tummy.  He was sold as mohair, but I think he may be silk plush, if not it's a very silky mohair!  He is wearing his original green leather collar.
As for his restoration, I will give him a new arm, but I'm not going to try to match it exactly, it will be a 'false arm'.  His ears need sewing back on properly. They have wire in them to keep them standing - not seen that in a bear before, only in dogs.  He will have a little clean although he is not too grubby anywhere, just his ankles.

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