Thursday, 11 August 2011

Scrappy the Westie

I was in the mood for having a go at the poorly big white dog today. 
I stitched a patch on his face as he had some holes and the backing of his fabric was very delicate.
I found some mohair pieces that were a good match in length and type, but a gold colour, not white (off) as his mohair is.

Alert, and ready for anything!
I stitched him a new nose and gave him some vintage amber glass eyes.  Then I stitched his ears back on minus the metal wire that was rusting inside them.

No eyes, no nose, this is what they call
a 'hangdog expression'
He had his head put back on and then a final clean and brush before getting his red collar back.
I am really pleased with how he has turned out as I thought I may have to throw him away (that's just me not having confidence in my own ability!).
I called him Scrappy after a dog that my sister used to have.  Here are his before and after photos.

Poor boy, he's been neglected

Alert and perky in the sunshine

I really laughed when I saw this photo - such attitude!
Sidney and Harry thought they had competition.

He is for sale on my website


  1. It's great that he's been rescued and repaired, you clever thing.

    Jan x

  2. Saw him on FB he is so cute.
    Great work (as always.) Your talent for rescuing these poor creatures and medning them with such love and care blows me away.
    Well done.

    {Dab and a dash.}

  3. Wow you did a great job with him. I'm sure he'll find a new home very soon.