Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Panda With a Serious Weight Problem

I found this little Panda on Ebay and immediately knew I had to buy him. 
A few bids later and he arrived at my house, in a much sorrier state than I had expected.  I knew he was flat and needed plumping up, but not that his stuffing had disintegrated into a nasty red powder!

I left him for a couple of months until this morning, when I decided
to destuff him and try to clean him up.
Chiltern Baby Bruin (SOLD)
The first job was to unpick his neck (sorry if you are squeamish) and turn him inside out to get all of the horrible gungy red powder out of him.
There were some chunky bits, which I now realise were probably his squeaker.  I had a Chiltern Baby Bruin recently sold which had an intact squeaker, so I would imagine that the Panda would have had one too.

So far, so good - look at the mess, it is a good job I thought of doing it in a box.  You can see the lumps that I think was his squeaker.

I disposed of the mess, took him outside to knock and brush the rest of the powder off him and then carefully turned him back to his right side.
A bit of gentle stuffing later and he looks very handsome.  I tried not to stuff him too much as he would not seem right as a hard stuffed teddy.
What a pretty head he has

Standing proud
He is now available in my Etsy shop

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  1. Aw - what a lovely face! Great job! I recognise that red powdery stuff. Sometimes when I buy vintage clothing, I find the 'contents' of the shoulder pads has disintegrated into red powder. Presumably it's a similar kind of stuff.