Saturday, 29 September 2012

Diddy Dogs

I wanted to do a bit of knitting, so set about looking for something that I would enjoy doing.
Being predominately a toy maker, I thought I would like to make little dogs or cats.
I came across a vintage pattern that gave me the basics and set about designing the Diddy Dogs.
The first prototype was ok, but not to my liking - the head looked too small for the body, the nose was too flat (non-exsistant really) and I wasn't happy with the nose stitching.
Here is Mark I
Diddy Dog No Nose
I started knitting the next one - blue and yellow stripes, making the head a bit larger.  As I was knitting and kept looking over to this one I realised  all that I had to do was make a little knitted nose for him.  I did so, put a bit of stuffing in, restitched his nose and mouth and 'Hey Presto' his head immediately looked in proportion to his body and I am now happy with him.
Here is Mark II.  He looks better don't you think?

Blue and White Diddy Dog

4" of cuteness
I can't believe how different this small addition has made him look. 
Everything is firmly stitched in place, including his knitted collar and he is stitched together with a strong back stitch.  His eyes are embroidered too, so there are no plastic or sharp bits to come adrift.
I will now get busy knitting various colour combinations in the hope that they will be popular at the Christmas craft fair in a couple of weeks time.  I would like to get at least a dozen made by then.

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