Monday, 24 September 2012

Christmas Decorations (and an Occasional Bear)

I have been busy making Christmas decorations.  I have never done these before so  they are all new designs and ideas to me.  I found some squares of pretty felt at a boot sale the other day and spent a few days wondering what I was going to do with it. 
I am finding it really easy to work with after sewing mohair all these years.
My bits and pieces and button tub is expanding as I source pretty items to decorate my hangers, key rings,Christmas decorations etc.

So far I have made hangers for the home from pretty cotton material. These are not specifically Christmas items, but are decorations.

Also, mohair teddy heads as bag charms or even Christmas tree hangers.

Then there is the felt, which I have used to make teddy bear heads and stars Christmas tree hangers.

These are the smaller stars that I am working on at the moment.  They will be fastened in 3's to give a long decoration for tree or home.
I have also made a template for a smaller felt bear to make as a keyring.

So, I said there would be bears so here they are:-

This is a cute little 12" Panda with weight issues.  His stuffing has disintegrated into the brown powder that you see in the box.  I have to unpick his seams enough to carefully remove all his stuffing (without staining his white parts).  Then he will need to be re-filled, this time with polyfibre filling.
He is such a pretty little fellow, I think he may be a Chiltern as he is very much in the style of their 'Bruins' and I know Chiltern made some nice looking Pandas.

Another Panda, this time of my own Pud Bears make.
This is Ginger a very unusual Panda Bear. He is 8" tall and is avaiable in my Etsy shop, as are the Christmas decorations.

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