Sunday, 9 September 2012

Pedigree Musical Bear

I loved this bear as soon as I unwrapped him.  He has a gentle face and his mohair is lovely and soft.
He has bells in his ears that jingle with the slightest movement.

I took a look to see if I could mend what I thought was his squeaker, but it turned out to be a musical box.
The evidence of this was staring me in the face really as this worn circle on his back gave it away.

The music box wouldn't work anymore so I have replaced it with a new one.  The worn area was very delicate and threadbare so I found a piece of mohair that was a good match and carefully sewed a patch on.  It has blended in very well, I am very pleased with the result.

Here is Jasper, the Pedigree bear after he has been restored.  He needed major surgery to one of his paws and one of his foot pads.  I do not like to cover original pads and if at all possible will just put a patch on the worn area. 
He is now more beautiful than ever after his makeover and is in my Etsy shop waiting for a new home.  www/

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