Friday, 14 September 2012

The competition is Hot, Hot, Hot!

I have been looking at the other bear artists on Bear Pile where I have a page for my bears.
They are really stunning bears many of them, the teddy bear has evolved so much over the last 10 years. 

When I started making bears in 1996 the popular bears were the larger, more traditional type.
There were some miniature makers, but not so many as there are now. 
Gradually new techniques were developed - airbrushing, hand made realistic eyes, hand moulded noses.  New exotic fur fabrics were produced, with some makers steering away from the traditional mohair. 

2001-2010  I had stopped bear production due to family illnesses and work comittments. 
During that time all of these new ideas progressed until we have the gorgeous bears such as those shown below. (they can all be found on the Bear Pile site). 

When I started making my Pud Bears again I stayed faithful to the old designs - my bears were 'just bears' - different types of mohair gave a different look, but I have always resisted moving on to copy the new style and give my bears more of the really cute 'Charlie Bear look'.

To be honest I really wouldn't know where to start, so I will just carry on making my little Pud Bears. They will find homes with collectors who will see the innocence in their faces, and know that they are getting a bear, nothing more, just a teddy bear.

Below - four stunning artist bears from Bear Pile


'I just want to give him a hug'
'Just look at that face'

'This sort of talent is beyond me!'
Below - two of my Pud Bears

Little Robbie looking bewildered
by it all.

Jeff, wondering why he hasn't got pretty feet and big, soleful eyes.
'Never mind Jeff, I like you just as you are' 

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  1. The first one is really cute, but I agree the traditional bear is still the best