Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Beautiful Old Bears, Knitting and Christmas

I have been trying to stock up ready for Christmas. 
Topped the Steiff section up with these 4 pretty cats.  The Whiskas Persian is available on my Weebly site www.pollysvintagebears.weebly.com and the other 3 are in my Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/pollysvintagebears
Steiff Cattie 2736/16

Steiff Siamy (silver button)

Steiff Sissi 2726/17

Steiff Whiskas Persian
I have also been making little hanging items for Christmas (or anytime gifts).
Mohair Teddy Bear Charms
Mohair Teddy Bear Charms

Duck Hangers
Heart Hangers

Flower Hangers
The Christmas tree fairies are back too.  All of these items are available from my Etsy shop.
Tree Fairy Blue and Purple

Tree Fairy Pink and White
Tree Fairy Rose Pink
Tree Fairy Pink

 I am knitting atm, making a childs jumper with a teddy bear on the front.  This is an experiment for my Etsy shop.  I enjoy knitting as well as sewing so it will give me a larger variety of listings if there is a market for them.   I will stay with the teddy bear theme on any knitted garments that I produce so that they fit in with the other items in my shop.
This is the front showing the bear's leg and body

I can't wait to get the jumper fisnished to see what it looks like.

Note,added 8th September - I don't think I will be able to sell this jumper as it is not my own design.
It is from a lovely book by Mo Smith called Teddy Bear Knits so if you want one you will have to buy the book and knit your own, sorry.  Just as well that I have a Grandaughter that this one will fit.

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