Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Miss Choccy, Clarissa and a Found Leg

I have just sent these two little ladies off to Alice's Bear Shop in Lyme Regis.
Mini Clarissa (Clarence's girlfriend)
Miss Choccy
Sorry the photos are not great, I just took a couple of quick snaps before I posted them.
They are both 5" and open editions, although no two will be exactly the same.  I will use different paw fabrics and coloured ribbons etc.

Whilst finishing them off and filling their tummies with polyfibre, look what I came across hidden in the bottom of the filling bag. 
The mystery of Mini Clarence's missing leg is solved.  I am
sure I looked in the bag when we were searching  for this elusive leg.  Oh well the next Clarence will only need one leg making.

Mini Clarence and little Tara sitting with their wise
old friend Henry, a 1950's mohair bear
All available in my online shops (see to the right of this page)

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  1. I said you would find it when you had finished!! Your Henry looks very much like my 1950's bear.