Monday, 9 July 2012

Sidney and Harry Posing With Their New Hairstyles

Just come back from the grooming parlour.  Harry and Sidney my two Cavaliers are looking very dapper and slim after their wash and brush up and haircuts.

Not being show dogs, and both having very thick and wavy unmanageable coats I take them for a trim regularly.
I used to do it myself and keep them longer coated, but since the Arthritis kicked in I have found it increasingly difficult to keep their coats under control.  Hence the trips to the grooming parlour.

I've just noticed the banner at the top of this page and it is amazing how long Sidney's ears used to be, before I had to get him professionally trimmed.  I just can't do the combing and brushing required to keep them like that any more.  Such a shame as he had beautiful ears.  His new 'bob' earstyle suits him too though I think.

I now have two lovely clean boys - a black and very white Tri Cavalier (Sidney) and a black and tan (Harry) that looks like a puppy with his smoothly trimmed fur. I noticed that Harry, although he is younger than Sidney by 2 years, is starting to go grey on his body.  Sidney is only going grey on his ears.  Sidney is 7 and Harry is 5.
Alan has joked with people that Harry is a Rottweiler puppy.  It's surprising how many believe him :)

Anyway here are the photos that my beautiful boys posed for in the garden.  The last one I took to show my daughters that Harry is not really fat as they thought, it was all fur, but Sidney has such a great look on his face I thought I would include it.

Sidney is smiling for the camera as usual.  He loves to have his photo taken.

Harry looking serious and Sidders giving his lovely (but very gummy) smile

A more serious Sidney showing of his new No 1 name tag

Look at the mischief in those eyes

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  1. Very nice they look too and probably smell really lovely.