Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Clarence Has Lost His Leg

Do you remember Mini Clarence, the little bear with the eyebrows?
Mini Clarence No 3 for sale on my websites

I had just finished stitching a lighter coloured version of him this morning.  His arms and legs were fitted with the cotterpins and I sat down after lunch to joint him together and finish him off.

Only one leg!  "I've been here before" I thought.  The last time I lost a leg it turned up under my daughter's sofa.  I've not been to my daughter's this time, only sewing in my recliner with all the pieces on my sewing tray. 

"It can't have gone far".  How wrong could I be.  I have just spent the last 2 hours searching everywhere in our small bungalow that I could think of.  Under chairs, behind plantpots, both bedrooms, even looked in the fridge in desperation :).  It's nowhere in sight.

Poor Clarence is looking even more worried than normal.
Clarence patiently waiting for a new leg

The best guess at the moment is that I dropped it on the floor, then Foggy Puss decided to play with it when we were in the garden having our lunch.  He has a habit of losing things under cupboards.  Alan has checked under everything on his hands and knees with a torch but cannot see it anywhere.

I've got plenty of the mohair to make another, but unfortunately it was only a small piece of the cream paw fabric that I had left.  That means I have to make both arms and both legs again. :(

I'm fed up now and really don't feel like sewing any more today.  I was looking forward to finishing Clarence.  I love making this little bear, he always makes me smile.  Not this time though - grrr.

On a happier note I will show you a little girl bear that I finished a couple of days ago.  She is available on my websites (see to the right of this page for links).

Tara 4.5"/11cm

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  1. You know what is going to happen don't you? You will remake those arms and legs, it will just be finished, when suddenly up pops the lost leg - never fails. He is rather a cute little bear - love him.