Sunday, 8 July 2012

Busy Making New Little Mohair Bears

Having taken 11 bears to the Cromer seafront bear shop, Allsorts of Bears and sending 8 to Alice's Bear Shop in Lyme Regis, I am now busy trying to build up my website and Etsy stock.Here are my latest creations -

Mini Clarence (3) 4.5"
Ted Bear 4.5"

Sweetie 4"
Tumbleweed 8"

Sweetie is the smallest bear I have ever made at 4".  I have enough of the pink tipped mohair to make more of these little bears so I have marked her as an open edition.  However I may use different paw fabrics and will not especially try to make her facial features exactly the same so they will all be slightly different.

The same goes for Mini Clarence.  He will be made in different shades of mohair in the same type as this one, and with different coloured paws. 
This is the 3rd Mini Clarence so here are all three together  to show how different they can look (the first two are at the above shops).

Find me at Alice's Bear Shop, Lyme Regis

Find me at Allsorts of Bears, Cromer

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  1. They all look rather sweet - love them all

  2. They're lovely, Polly. I especially like Mini Clarence - those eyebrows are cracking!