Thursday, 26 July 2012

Anniversary Fishing and Geese

It was our 23rd wedding anniversary on Wednesday and Alan asks what I wanted to do. He has just started to go fresh water fishing so I suggested a picnic at the local fishing lakes. I knew that I would enjoy the peaceful surroundings and he jumped at the chance of taking me fishing with him.

It was a beautiful day, the best we have had for ages, so off we went, loaded up with fishing tackle, picnic, my sewing stuff,  and a sun lounger for me to sit on (I would not manage to sit in a folding fishing type chair for long).

The setting at the lakes is lovely, and we found a shady spot at the side of a Willow tree.  We had not been there long when the curious Geese family turned up.  They are very tame and used to anglers.
I managed to get some photos of them, some were quite posers.
This one seemed to be posing for the camera.

What a cutie, the bravest of them all,
and very curious.
Alan gave them some crumbs.  They were as greedy as our dogs.

It was a lovely morning, I stitched up a bear and enjoyed taking photos of the Geese and Goslings.  They were so cute and fluffy.  The Dragonflies were huge, but I cannot move quick enough to manage a shot of those.  I could photograph the Geese whilst sitting in the chair.

Alan caught quite a few fish, not big one's, but it gave him a lot of practice in baiting the hook (yuk - maggots), casting and removing hooks from fishes (yuk again, I am a softie and always feel sorry for the fish). 

                  See, I told you they were only little.
You should have seen the one that got away though!  No, really - it took the line half way across the lake, then doubled back, then stole the hook and got off.  Obviously the hook was not tied on tight enough, although Alan said it was not his knot, but the one on the line that came with the hook.

A more experienced fisherman may have landed it.  We were told it would most likely have been a large Carp as they double back like that to slacken the line, then they can get off.
I suppose the idea would be to reel in to keep the line tight, but Alan was not quick enough as it took him by surprise when it shot off.

We only stayed for the morning as I had forgotten one lot of my tablets (I knew about it later in the day) and rounded off the day with a meal in a local Hotel Restaurant. I had a pleasant Wedding Anniversary, thank you Alan, and here's to many more.


  1. Happy anniversary Polly! The pictures look lovely. I'd have departed the moment the geese arrived though :-)

  2. Thank you Ruth.
    I loved the Goslings. They were so cute and fluffy, and very tame.