Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ta Daaa! The Two Bears are Finished

Here are the two little mohair bears, all finished and brushed, ready for a new home.
Treacle is the 5" brown tipped mohair bear and the 6" blue tipped mohair bear I have called Forget-Me-Not.
I was expecting Forget-Me-Not to be 7" but it seems I had used my 6" pattern for her.
Treacle 5" and Forget-Me-Not 6"
It always amazes me how much difference 1" makes in the look of these little bears.
One of these days I will make a pattern for a 4" or even a 3", but at the moment I am enjoying making these sizes.

I am now making 2x5" brown bears in these mohairs and paw fabrics.  I tend to make bears 2 at a time for some unknown reason.  I did try making more than 2 at once, but stitching 4-5 pairs of ears on all at once was not my idea of fun. :)
I also got some pretty tipped mohair in a short pile cream with tan tip delivered yesterday.  That will make a lovely 6" bear. 
I have used the same mohair in a dark brown tip many years ago and Bisto (edition of 10) was really cute and my customers loved him (sorry about the quality of the picture, it is a photo of a photo).
6" Bisto LE10 (all sold)