Monday, 25 June 2012

The making of A Pretty Blue Bear and a Soft Tipped Mohair Bear - Part 2

The arms and legs have now been stitched up and combed to make sure there is no mohair caught in the seams.
I have attached them to the body using traditional cotterpin joints.  You may think that this is the main part done, but finishing the head takes just as long.
I trim the nose ready for stitching with black Perle cotton.  For these smaller bears I split the cotton into two so that it is not as thick.
Sometimes I have to redo the nose as it is easy to get it stitched crooked, and I am quite fussy over the facial features being straight and in the right places.  The eyes are then positioned using the pins with coloured ends - to make sure they are in line with the nose and rest of the head.  They both have black glass eyes.
Here are the two little bears at this stage.  The smaller one will be 5" and the other 6.5".

2 little bears wondering what you are saying about them.
They can't hear you as they haven't any ears yet!
Tomorrow I will show you the finished bears, complete with ears and full tummies.
I have not decided on names yet.  Any suggestions welcome.

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