Friday, 15 June 2012

Six Inch Bears

I think that most bear makers have a favourite size of bear that they make.

When I started bear making I made various sizes from 6" to 16".  Over the years the bear world has changed and many collectors prefer the smaller sizes so my business has evolved accordingly.
The largest bears I make now are 8" and the smallest I have gone down to is 4.5". 
These tiny bears are a nightmare to turn and joint,making my fingers and hands ache.
Green and Tan Panda
Puple Panda
I like to make the 8" size, especially the colourful Pandas design.

I think my favourite size has got to be the 6".

They are just the right size to sit on a shelf or dressing table without being over'bear'ing. :)
Here are a collection of my 6" bears, past and present, such cute little characters.

Herbie - Sold


Mikey - Sold
Timmy - Sold
Binky - Sold


If anyone has a colour in mind or would like one similar to one of the sold bears (it cannot be identical as they are mostly one offs), please contact me with your requirements.   I will make one up for you at no obligation to buy if it does not look as you were expecting.
The available bears are in my Etsy shop and on my website


  1. Lovely - my favourite is butterscotch - he looks as if he would be really soft and cuddly. My name somehow got deleted from your blogger list, so have re-put myself back in.

  2. You are right Christine, that mohair is really soft. The supplier said that it is what is used to make Ducklings.
    Welcome back.

  3. Have awarded you the versatile blogger award. Go to my blog to pick up your award and to read the rules. Love reading about your bears and toys. xx