Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Tale of Blue Bunny

Who or what is Blue Bunny?
Blue Bunny is a once fluffy, white (he used to be anyway) and royal blue rabbit owned by my daughter.
My beautiful baby with her Blue Bunny
He was given to her by my sister when she was 6 months old and has been with her ever since.
She is now 41 and he still resides in her bed, albeit under the pillow.
A few years ago I was asked to give him new paw pads as his had worn out.  If I remember rightly I used a white handkerchief for the job. They are now quite discoloured (BB must stop smoking).

My daughter needs a heart operation which is booked in for next week, and of course BB has to go in her suitcase for moral support.
BB on the operating tray
He was sent to me last week for much needed repairs. 
He has had lipsuction (his stuffing had gone all lumpy and hard).  His ears needed work as he had no inner on one and very little on the other.
A few stitches in his neck and legs and he was, well not as good as new, but stronger and more able to withstand a hospital stay.
I thought of giving him a ribbon, but I don't think my daughter would have appreciated that, so I decided to make him a scarf.  Then, of course, he needed it monogramming. :)

BB wearing his lovely new scarf with his initials on it

Today I took Blue Bunny on the bus from Norwich back home to Holbeach, Lincolnshire.
Sitting in my handbag on the bus
I'm not sure if he enjoyed the journey, but the other passengers must have wondered what that mad woman was doing taking photos of a toy rabbit in her handbag!
Tomorrow he will be back in his rightful place with my daughter, and I will feel that there is part of me with her when she goes to the hospital.

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  1. How lovely - brilliant little story. All my best wishes to your daughter. xx