Saturday, 20 October 2012

Preparing for a Teddy Bear Fair

The day of the Minstead Teddy Bear Fair is fast approaching.  A week tomorrow to be precise - Sunday 28th October.
I only manage a couple of fairs a year as I can only go when my husband is on school holidays (he drives a school bus).
I went to Minstead last year during October half term and then to Pudsey this year in April during the Easter holidays.
Consequently I have a lot of new bears to label up ready for the fair.  That's good - as it means that I have sold many of the ones I took to the last fair.
I had set out my stall on the gateleg table in the back room to see how it could look.  It is one foot short of the fair tables, but gives me an idea.  This was my first attempt -
I thought it looked a bit overcrowded and needed more height.  The Pud Bears were lost in the centre.
Yesterday I was roaming around the bungalow trying to come up with an idea to give more height. 
I went in hubby's shed - and lo and behold there it was staring me in the face.
We had a shelving unit in the conservatory at our previous house, but it had been relegated to the shed as we had no room for it inside.  It was covered in cobwebs and 'man junk'.
It was cleared and cleaned, and placed on the table.
An hour or two later this is what I had got -

 The larger old bears look much better sitting on the shelving and there is space left at the front of the table for the Steiff animals, Real Soft Toys and Muffy Vanderbears.

I tried out the Pud Bears on a seperate little table, but they still need some work.  I have another 8-10 to get out yet, and I only have the one foot left over space to use.

I left this posting in draft for a while and took another look at the photos.

I decided I need some more shelving similar to the style I have got, but smaller sections. Then I can sit some of the Pud Bears up higher and leave more room on the table for the rest of them.
Off to the DIY store tomorrow then to buy the wood, and hubby will make it up for me.  It is useful having a husband who used to be a carpenter.

The only problem we may have is fitting all of this shelving, the bears, and our suitcase in a Nissan Micra.

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