Friday, 12 October 2012

Christmas Gifts From my Shops - 74 days to go

I have been thinking about what I have in my shops that is suitable for Christmas gifts or decorations.
Although in truth, all of the bears, dogs etc could be given for Christmas.  A vintage bear can be a personal thing and unless you actually tell your loved one "I like that bear" they may not choose correctly.
With this in mind I have tried to put a few items into the shops that could be used as stocking fillers.
There are bag/zipper charms, small Pud Bears, door hangers and of course the new Diddy Dogs.

Here is the first collection of gift ideas, aimed mainly at pet lovers or anyone that loves cute and cuddly.

Beautiful Steiff 'Whiskas' Grey Tabby Persian
Merrythought Lamb

What about a nightdress/pyjama case?
These would make great gifts.

Yellow Bunny Nightdress Case
*These are vintage items with glass eyes and the rabbit has wire in his ears so not suitable for young children.
Pekingese Pyjama Case (others are available in my shops)

This cute musical dog nods her head when wound up.

Stripey Diddy Dog
Only £12.50 including postage to UK
Then of course, there are the Diddy Dogs, cute little knitted pups in many different colour combinations.
If you would like one making up in your own colour choices, please message me.

Hand knitted Diddy Dogs
Diddy Dog in blue and white

I hope you enjoyed this first collection of Christmas gift ideas.  Over the next few weeks I will be showing more items from my shops and
If you have any questions about any of these items please feel free to contact me.  There is a contact form on my Weebly website for messages.

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